'Veganism as a Lifestyle Choice: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Vegans in the UK'
BSA Sponsored PGR Forum, 'Veganism and Vegetarianism as Social Movement and Social Change' University of York, 11 April 2022

Download a PDF of my slides here.

'Ethical Crises and the Uptake of Veganism among Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the UK'
BSA SocRel Annual Conference 2022 'Disruption, Crisis and Continuity in Religion'
4 - 6 July 2022

This presentation was not recorded, but you can download a PDF of my slides here.

On The Pulse: Veganism and Abrahamic Religion
The Vegan Society Researcher Network 'On The Pulse' Series
19 July 2022



View the On The Pulse webpage here. You can also download a PDF of my slides here.