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I am an academic, writer, and lifestyle coach, interested in ethics, sustainability and wellbeing. I help individuals lead more sustainable lives which MORE

I am nearing the end of my PhD in Sociology at the University of Southampton, UK, which explores the ethics, values, and practices of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian vegans in the UK. I am interested in how ethical principles are interrogated and reinterpreted, ultimately leading to new reimaginations of religion and culture, and practice transformation. I also teach modules on sociology and research methods, and have held a variety of responsibilities within the University.

I am also Co-Founder of Green Islam, a visionary new organisation that strives to highlight the incompatibility between modern consumption and lifestyle practices with Islamic teachings, in turn seeking to inspire Muslims to re-engage and act in accordance with the ethical spirit of Islam.

I am also a trustee for Qatrah, a charity which supports vulnerable women, children, and families in Afghanistan, who are suffering financial hardship or other burdens.

I am a writer and am presently writing my first manuscript based on my PhD thesis, as well as a number of journal articles related to the same topic. MORE

I am also a lifestyle coach, drawing on my PhD research and qualifications in Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to support individuals to lead more sustainable lives with MORE

In my personal life, I am happily married with two beautiful children. I enjoy spending time with my family, going for long walks, and reading.


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