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Goal Setting in 2020

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Make 2020 your year by setting yourself goals and committing to achieving them.

I've made the task that bit easier for you by compiling a 2020 Goal Setting Workbook which you can download here.

In this workbook, you will first be led through a series of topics focused on self-exploration to help you truly get to know what you want and what motivates you. Unless you are crystal clear on these topics, you will never have the required drive to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Once you are clear on what you want and why, you will be encouraged to think about different aspects of your life, including career, lifestyle, finance and health, in order to ascertain what you are happy with and what you wish to improve. When you have identified what you want to change you can begin writing these goals using the SMART goal and journey mapping strategies, which are explained in my guide.

In order to make the most of 2020, you are then invited to set goals for each month of the year so that you can make steady progress and ultimately be in a far better position come December.

Goal setting is a powerful tool for making progress in our lives, no matter what area. The clearer we are on our goals and the steps necessary to achieve them, the greater the chance of success.

Download my 2020 Goal Setting Workbook here.


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