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My mission statement is to

"promote mindful living and holistic wellbeing using an interdisciplinary approach"

I am learning all about this in my academic research and I am writing about it in my blog and wider works.

What is mindful living?

Mindfulness is a technique which teaches us to be fully present in the moment. It involves being conscious, being aware, and being attentive. Mindful living therefore refers to the application of mindfulness to everyday decisions and practices. It encourages us to think about the consequences of our actions, as well as the implications of certain choices, such as eating certain foods, buying fast fashion, or choosing plastic products. It is not a restrictive lifestyle, as it does not demand anything. It only encourages you to be aware and to make conscious decisions. Your own ethics- and value-based systems will determine what you ultimately decide.

What is holistic wellbeing?

Commonly when we think of wellbeing, we think of physical health, the condition of our body, and mental health, the condition of our mind. If we have good wellbeing, our body and mind are healthy and thriving, but if we have poor wellbeing, our body and mind are sick and we should see a doctor. Holistic wellbeing takes this a step further and argues that there are other ways in which our bodies could be unbalanced and "unhealthy". To demonstrate this, I am working on a method which divides up each of the areas of wellbeing and presents them as an interconnected system. Our objective should be to ensure that each area is given equal attention and remains in balance at all times. Neglecting any area will create imbalance and will degrade our wellbeing overall, since each of the areas are interconnected.

What is my interdisciplinary approach?

I combine what I have learnt in my sociology and anthropology degrees with what I have learnt in my own studies into psychology and spirituality to create an interdisciplinary approach to modern living. Individually, psychology, sociology, and anthropology are hugely insightful subjects, but when combined they offer a powerful framework which assists us in navigating our lives in contemporary society, making wiser choices, and ultimately achieving holistic wellbeing, and mindful living. To stretch this framework further, we can draw on other subjects, such as religion, spirituality, philosophy, and medicine to increase our understanding and ensure our wellbeing system is in balance.

To learn more about these approaches, please follow my blog, follow me on social media, or feel free to get in touch.

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